AdReN Network

AdReN is an institutional network created to facilitate the cooperation at national, European, and international level among stakeholders active in the Adriatic area, Western Balkans and in the European Higher Education Area sharing their commitment in the field of higher education. It was launched in 2018, upon the initiative of CIMEA, with the first meetings of the National Information Centres of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia and Slovenia.

Its mission consists of creating synergies among the adhering institutions, with the main objective of increasing students and staff mobility and achieving the common goal of automatic recognition of qualifications, in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC) principles, the European Commission relevant directives/recommendations and the EHEA goals.

AdReN is open to welcome new institutions willing to adhere to its mission. Participation is on a voluntary basis and free of charge.

Main fields of cooperation


AdreN Timeline

This is our Roadmap

4th May 2018

First AdReN meeting, Rome

30th January 2019

Second AdReN meeting,Tirana

June 2019

Third AdReN meeting

23rd September 2020

Kick off meeting of the Erasmus+ project “AdReN”, online

18th February 2021

Consortium meeting of the Erasmus+ project “AdReN”, online